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Hanging in the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California, this painting dramatizes the cold war posture of the United States, led by President Richard Nixon. It was painted by Hungarian Ferenc Daday, who with many other Hungarians, emigrated to the United States following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Marshalling the line of refugees shown being greeted by Nixon in Austria, is one of the Pulik so instrumental in the revolution and its aftermath.

This white Puli is suspended in mid-air, and has camoflaged himself as the mop he is no doubt often accused of being. The view he is ignoring is that of the castle section of Nagyvarad, Hungary.

The Amazing Morgo can stand and travel on his hind legs all day long, and bark vigorously all the while, with a ball in his mouth.

The amazing Fako Pulik of The Rest of the World, often thought by Americans to be a figment of the of the collective Hungarian subconscious. The Fako color is also described as 'Zsemle' which is, roughly translated, the color of the inside of a whole wheat roll. It is made up of tan and light gray hairs intermixed, and there is black shading on the tips of the ears and the muzzle, making it a maszko fako, or masked fako. And, yes, Pulik are good with children.

Is the Amazing Harpo dancing with Marinka?
Is he mugging her? Or, perhaps he's drop-kicking her!
(Harpo Van Damme) Click on his image for the explanation.

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