Ziska writes regarding Chiffon:

"Chiffon has been, well, a Puli since I first met her 4 years ago. She understands that I am a close family member and that mom is mom. We are there to be loved and tolerated and gently shown which direction (literally) we should be taking. She has this thing about directions..the first path you take with her is her preferred path and she will sit in the middle of the sidewalk or the middle of the trail until you realize that you're going the wrong way and turn around. She will wait for hours for you to realize that your sense of direction just isn't what it should be.

Her favorite thing in the whole world is opera-preferably Pavorotti recordings of the late 1970's. La Boheme with Freni and Pavorotti makes her roll over put all four paws in the hair and exude pure joy.

She loves to play ball with herself. She will roll on her back, take the tennis ball in her front paws, throw it up in the air and catch it either in her mouth or in her paws. When this game needs a little spice she will play ball with us...her version of "ball" is to roll it under a piece of furniture and point at it until the human uses a yardstick or some other tool to fetch it for her."

" I was browsing the Web a few days ago and saw your " Incredible Puli" page. I remembered my family's bewilderment with Tasha, who was 7/8 Puli and 1/8 Old English, until we realized she wasn't a dog, but something entirely different and very special. She died almost 15 years ago, and your piece brought her back so clearly. I haven't laughed so much in a long time."

"I've had three Pulik spanning 30 years of my 36 years of life and am thinking of wanting another. I don't show them, they are only pets (even though she thinks she is my wife and my wife is our servant)."

In several communications about Harpo Puli, Marinka writes:

"I enjoyed every line of your very true description of the Puli soul soaked in love. Since I am "a human in need of direction", a Puli was willing to share his life with me. I can pronounce the singular as well as the plural of his name correctly, since the Pulik thought that the Carpathian Basin would be the right place to live for my ancestors.

My Puli, Királykerti Fickó, alias Harpo (after Harpo Marx, but the Puli is more vocal), born in Pécs, Hungary on February 8, 1990, thought my I.Q. that low that he decided to send me to school to get some education. He didn't consider Agility sufficiently intellectual and he certainly thought I was disobedient, so he advised my to take some Obedience classes. I learned not to be frightened or aggressive when someone in my vicinity fires a gun even if I can't hold on to his leash. I also learned, among many other things, to keep my knee in line with his shoulder-blade while walking. Finally I was able to pass several tests, including a part of the International Test (Internationale Prüfungsordnung).

(Harpo is reading) the Dutch translation of "The Intelligence of Dogs: canine consciousness and capabilities" by Stanley Coren (ISBN 90 5018 265 8). Harpo is checking out the competition for his next match. He highly recommends this book, because it says a lot of intelligent things about Pulik. By the way, our Puli is (at least) bilingual, as you will have noticed!

Right now I'm packing and Harpo is checking on me from time to time to see whether I am putting his favorite FOOD and toys into the suitcase. He is extremely busy now, because between checks he is also making sure that the cats, dogs, and neighbours (in that order) won't forget him while he is away.

Harpo is holding his Working Dogs Committee diploma. The test includes the "Follow Program" of the Internationale PrufungspOrdnung (I don't know what this is called in the States).(It's called Utility Dog) His talents are in the area of Obedience. He is always the first to learn a new exercise. He is always looking up to me, smiling, with the expression on his face: “What can I do for you?”, without being slavish. (Then again, his smiling might mean: “If I remember correctly, you put a treat in your pocket when we left home......”) Anyway, his attention is highly appreciated by the examination board. "

'Bye now, the Puli is nagging me about his evening stroll

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